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Shipping Audit

Basic Information

Shipping Information

Average number of shipments per year

Shipping History

Please download and complete the attached Excel sheet with details of shipments from the last 6-12 months. Once finished, kindly upload the file. Analyzing your recent shipping history will assist our team in identifying opportunities to optimize and reduce costs in your international shipping processes.
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Countries you manufacture your goods at

Countries you sell your goods at

Shipping Methods

How much are you shipping by ocean, air and land. Please provide an estimate percentage.

Do you ship directly to Amazon?

Are you using a single forwarder or multiple forwarders?

Do you usually ask for cargo insurance for your shipments?

Please upload all shipping invoices for the shipments from the last 6-12 months

Duties & Taxes Information

What products do you sell?

Please list your ASINs, HTS codes, and country of origin used for clearing your shipments. Our import customs experts will review the accuracy of your import duties paid and offer advice on optimizing or reducing costs.

Have you had a customs expert review your HS codes

Are you currently receiving customs entries (7501 Forms) from your forwarder? If so please upload some examples

See an example of the form here ("7501"):